How to Capture Screenshots of Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

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  1. Rifat says:

    good post. After i upgraded my X10 with custom mod ( CM 6.12 ) I have lost the radio application. Is there any app that i can get back my FM radio ?

    thanks for the nice post !

    • rupok says:

      Which X10 are you using? As far I know, you are using X10i. X10i never supported FM Radio because it doesn’t has fm signal receiving device. But X10mini Pro has fm radio built in. So, if you have seen fm radio app in your device, then your ROM was actually X10 mini pro’s ROM.

      In theory in nexus with froyo shows radio fm therefore in x10 with same chip snapdragon should be equal. FM Radio is usually integrated on the bluetooth IC. HTC uses normally Texas Instruments’ ICs, and the BRF 63×0 ic has radio, though it’s usually disabled. The X10 uses a completely different chipset both for bluetooth and wlan. In fact, wlan is atheros.

      You can get details here:

  2. Abhilash says:


    I have upgraded my X10i to GB. Well Still I am not able to find the screenshot option. Would you advise me to still follow the above option to get screenshot activated? Please help

    • Rupok says:

      All screenshots you can see in this site, was taken in GB. So, it will be better if you have already upgraded your phone to GB.

      Actually, no option in phone will be activated. You have to connect your phone to PC. Then follow all the instructions above, speciall this part:

      “Go to the Tools folder inside the Android SDK folder
      Double click on DDMS.BAT and the Dalvik Debug Monitor will be executed
      The application will launch with a DOS command window and eventually a Windows based application.
      Your phone will be listed on the left hand side
      Click on it to select
      Click on the Device menu and select Screen Capture or use the CTRL+S keys
      The capture now appears on your screen
      Click on the Copy button and Paste the screenshot into Paint or Photoshop.
      [Because there is a known bug that does not carry over the colors of the actual screenshot inside the capture utility]”

      Happy Screenshooting… :)

  3. HamzaSad says:

    After this process has been done and my device is ready for screenshots…. do we have to connect the device with the computer everytime we have to take screenshots?

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